Cafe Hopper Review: The Tiramisu Hero @ Tyrwhitt Road

After my adventure at the Le Petit Prince Cafe, we decided to hop to another cafe where we hoped that we can sit there and do some works. With no particular cafe in mind we took a walk down Jalan Besar area and through Tyrwhitt Road, passed Chye Seng Huat Hardware Shop….and decided that our next resting place would be The Tiramisu Hero! It was a little shop space with a very unique outdoor sitting at the entrance. For a moment, you would think that people are partying at the courtyard of somebody’s house! I must say that the cafe was very crowded on a Saturday near dinner time.

We eventually got hold of 4 seats and manage to experience this cafe amidst the noise and buzz. Since they are famous for their Tiramisu, I decided to give it a try. I ordered the Horlick flavor….honestly I wasn’t too impressed by the Tiramisu! I didn’t try anything else so really couldn’t comment on the coffee or other things…. But from the look of it (my friends ordered some stuff) …. They look pretty appetizing and I am sure they are quite tasty!

I really like the whole idea of a Tiramisu Hero, Sir Antonio that they created for the cafe. The overall decor does give the cafe a fresh personality and an alluring environment! However, space is really something that we lack in Singapore. Rental is high and thus many cafés can only a small space area …. That also squeeze the hell of their creativity out to make tiny space into creative art corner! This cafe is certainly one of that kind of situation!

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Cafe Hopper Review: Le Petit Prince Cafe @ Somme Road

It was a planned visit. My friend and I planned this visit about one week before hand and finally we made it to the cafe! I heard so much about the cafe and it’s unique theme that follows after the famous classical narrative, The Little Prince! I personally love the book and of course a cafe after the theme. I finally found the cafe cos I saw a bao constrictor devour an elephant sign! I recognized that drawing in the first chapter of the book!

I was at first pretty disappointed with the size area of the cafe… Really small! But then again, small or big is a matter of perception! Eyes are blind anyway according to the book. I decided to overlook the size of the cafe and focus on what they have in this small space. They have pretty everything… Even my recent favorite, piccolo latte! I ordered that and a turkey ham ciabatta bread! However, we didn’t eat immediately our food! We were forbidden to eat anything until they have been properly gone through the ritual of photo taking and instagraming…. Hahaha!

I love my le petit prince theme saucer that they served my piccolo with. Lovely saucer indeed! The piccolo is certainly up to my standard but the food is pretty ordinary! I must say that this is really a nice cosy corner to chillax and hand out with friends…. The only thing about the cafe is that out of the four of us, two of us got lost while looking for it…. Overall experience there… I love it there!





Cafe Hopper Review: Cafe Crema @ Westgate

Came to Westgate because my friend wanted to do a barter trade with his friend over board games! So amazing and to think that barter trade still works! Yes, a world with no currency and no currency war! How nice that would be! One day perhaps we will see the death of monies! One day….anyway back to Cafe Crema. We decided to sit down somewhere while waiting for his barter trade partner to arrive at Jem and Westgate!

I ordered some focaccia sandwich and a cuppa of latte! Sandwich was pretty ordinary though I always like focaccia sandwich! I must say that the coffee is quote aromatic and I love the smell of brewing coffee in the shop! However, I find that the coffee is a little diluted because they are using the wrong kind of cup for latte! The cup in my opinion is too big for a latte.

I love the big table right in front of the counter and the entrance! Simply love it and irresistibly I sat at the table! Lovely large table for a good chat with friends or just simply to do reading! I like the woods sense of the cafe. Cafe Crema is a good alternative to Starbucks and Coffee Beans.





Cafe Hopper Review: Assembly Coffee @ Evans Road

I was at Evans Road for a meeting and heard from a colleague that Assembly Coffee is nearby. So I decided to hop into the cafe to take a look. Things that I heard about the cafe, the coffee is good, the waffle is good and etc. Seems to me to be a pretty decent cafe! When I stepped in, I was a little taken a back by the smallness of the cafe! However though small, they managed to put in a huge table right in the middle of the space! I love huge table as some of you already know! I was so tempted to sit by the huge table but was turned down by my colleague and a very good friend!

Anyway, I ordered their piccolo latte and a chicken pie. My friend ordered a regular latte from them. The piccolo cafe was very well done. It is smooth and doesn’t leave behind an after taste of coffee in your mouth! At the same time, every sip you get to savor the fragrance of the coffee beans! I love their piccolo latte! I wasn’t too impress by the chicken pie. Well, it basically what you can get from ordinary pastry shop.

The cafe is near the NUS law school and some other premium schools around the area, thus quite a number of law students and school students would patronize the cafe. However, I didn’t really see anyone studying. Most of them would come here for a chat and mingle with friends! I think I like that idea too!

Well, if you have never been to this cafe…well I would recommend for you to pay a visit! Well even if all things failed, Mr Prata is just next door… But I am sure Assembly won’t exactly fail you!

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Cafe Hopper Review: Common Man Coffee Roaster @ Martin Road

A good friend has requested me to write about lousy cafe in Singapore! I told him that as much as every school is a good school, every cafe is a good cafe! I guess it’s about who you are with at the cafe and the total experience you had at a particular space and time! So, it is not my intention as a cafe hopper to pin down any cafe …. Every cafe has it’s uniqueness and every cafe is the heart and sweat of the cafe owner or owners. With that in mind, let me share my experience at Common Man Coffee Roaster.

As you approach the cafe you will notice that it has a very club like door! Well, I didn’t really quite like the door, cos it doesn’t give me the feel of a cafe at all! In fact I was rather disappointed! When you enter into the space, well, you feel an energy that automatically liven you up! The music…the lighting…the staff and etc! However I just feel that the overall decor and the cafe theme do not match well! I like the long table right at the center of the cafe and a big round table! There is a lot of counter bar seats available…. And certainly more style to be seen there! However, the brightly lighted counter … I just find it quite a miss match! Perhaps it’s just me!

I ordered the carrot cake and a glass of orange ginger juice! The concoction is refreshing and the carrot cake is nice and pretty unique in shape and size! My overall experience in this cafe is rather average …. And I certainly won’t travel all the way to visit this cafe! Directly on top of the cafe is an Argentina restaurant… That sort of interests me… But I didn’t walk in this round!

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Cafe Hopper Review: The Book Cafe @ Martin Road

I wanted to hit another cafe at Martin Road initially, however the cab brought me to another along the same road. I arrived at The Book Cafe along Martin Road and it wasn’t quite what I was expected. I was hoping to find a cafe more classical and woody in nature. When I stepped into the cafe, it has a very modern outlook and I was straightaway taken by a big blackboard of items they are selling in the cafe. There was also quite a crowd in the cafe. Thank God that I was able to find one cosy corner to quietly read and quietly do my blogging. The beauty of this place is that there’s like so many cosy corners that you can territorized!

I ordered my usual latte and grilled chicken salad. The grilled chicken was juicy and tender. I really love the taste. Well, the greens were pretty normal to me cos I am really not a big fan of greens. Latte is smooth and with very minimal after taste. So, generally a place with pretty nice menu at hands. This cafe is also pretty religious in a nature. They run the Alpha Course here, catering for the people working around the area. A midst the many books, you will probably find a number of Christian books and Bibles.

I love it here because you can really chillax here. Just right in front of my are two girls making themselves feel so at home and chatting the world away. Good thing they are not much of a distraction to me. I would love to come here again if not because it’s rather far and inaccessible. Love it here.

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Cafe Hopper Review: The Bread Society Singapore @ Suntec City

I know this cafe is like not hidden in some funny name street or small alley! Seriously, not too sure since when cafés are hidden one corner of the road and waiting to be discovered by cafe hoppers who will make that extra effort to go search it out! Anyway, this one is really conveniently located at Suntec City and if I am not wrong also at ION Shopping Mall (but no seating). The shop started as a boutique bakery stall and eventually or conveniently turned café. I didn’t quite want to go into the cafe as I thought it would be too easy to explore it. If I post it here …. Well my readers will probably think that Cafe Hopper is getting lazy to move deeper down the alley! Hey…that’s not true …. I went all the say to Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima to search out for cafés …. That’s a whole deal of effort my friends!

Anyway, I started to take an interest in this shop when I decided to buy some bread home for snack. I reached home and shared my spoils with my beloved lady in the house (my mum), we were both delighted by the pastries and bread made by the Society! This time I decided to take a greater interest in this cafe bakery… And truly found that the food served here is not that bad. I love their breakfast set, especially The Society! It comes with bacon and I must say the bacon is not really salty and not as fatty too! I love the maple syrup though I should be abstaining from it!

The coffee although pretty ordinary but definitely drinkable and good enough to satisfy my thirst for good latte! I must say that the latte is better at least than what ____bucks…am I being too obvious here? Anyway, the main selling point for the cafe is really the pastries…. Oh isn’t it nice to be just picking one item and another from a bakery shop…. You can just sit there whole day round! I recommend coming in the morning around 10 plus. The fresh pastries and bread usually walk out of the oven around that time!

The next time you walk past The Bread Society, don’t just skip it thinking that you don’t need to buy bread… Drop in and enjoy a cuppa and a nice, fresh bakery that will brighten your day or evening!

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