I am sure this is familiar for most of us guys. "Knock it down!" There is another song in the army which somtimes still rings in my mind….
"Today is my book out day….du lah du lah!
     Today is my book out day…du lah du lah deh!
  No more SOC no more IFC…
       No more sergeant F**KING me…
  Du lah du lah deh…"
The good old GREEN days…..
Did we really become MAN…or just man……yes sir! no sir!
Maybe it’s not the uniform….maybe it’s not the rifle….maybe it’s not the heavy boots….
What did we lose? What did we gain?
Oh Singapore Oh Singapore…our Island we adore….adore? or abhor?
Count on me Singapore…Count on me Singapore….Count on my 7% GST…
Whatever it is….
We Love Singapore!
the gaterkeeper 07

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